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Feeling fast? Prove it!

The Grand Blue Mile’s competitive division is the perfect option for amateur runners looking to test their mile time against the best in the Midwest.

While all ages and abilities are welcome to participate in the competitive division, it’s especially recommended for sub-8-minute milers and those running for new PRs.

Check out the fastest amateur times from the 2018 Grand Blue Mile below.

The Best of 2018

  Name Time
Men: 1. Jeff Mettler 4:22.93
2. John Donovan 4:23.44
3. Dt McDonald 4:24.01
4. Ben Jaskowiak 4:24.75
5. Drew Burmahl 4:29.04
Women: 1. Erica Doering 5:02.99
2. Tricia Serres 5:09.97
3. Jessica Tebo 5:24.77
4. Kylie Latham 5:28.28
5. Liz Mosbach 5:32.08